Design Wring Paper Improving Recycle Creations

By | May 14, 2019

December might be more hectic for you. You have to prepare a lot of Christmas presents. So, you might need a lot of wrapping papers, boxes, ribbons, the presents and others. If you like to design wrapping papers by yourself, it is a good idea, is not it?

Design wrapping paper ask you to spend a lot of times. Here, I will give you the steps if you want to design wrapping paper. You may recycle your unused papers, collect them and cut them into small pieces. Then, the small pieces should be submerged into water for about three days.

Do you ready to design wrapping papers? Strain the wet papers, then put them in a blender, blend them for about fifteen to twenty minutes until the papers become porridge. You can design wrapping papers in such as yellow, green, red and others. To give natural yellow, you can put some turmerics and blend them with the porridge.

You just need a block woods which you had built into square about 30cmx30 cm and give fabric smaller grids on its surface tightly by nails. The tools will design wrapping paper.

Then, you can design wrapping papers by taking the porridge from a blender and put it in a large pail. Make sure that the pail size larger than the tools. Put your wood printing tools in the pail which consist of porridge. Take the tools which consist of porridge into an elastic mattress. Trying to lay the mattress on the board aslant. Make sure that the sunlight will evaporate the porridge well.

Stir the water correctly until the porridge patch on the mattress. Your design wrapping papers are ready to use. You can put them on your bookcase to streamline your wrapping space. It will be more creative.