Tips Design With Modern Concepts Of Contemporary

By | May 17, 2019

Who does not know the penthouse? Penthouse design is a modern residence with a location that is unique in its placement. There are so many celebrities who live in the penthouse. Penthouse design has beautiful architecture and interior design that makes it comfortable, beautiful, and pleasing to the eye. For those of you who have the penthouse are not difficult to choose a suitable design.

You can try combining the concept of a modern penthouse design concept with the concept of contemporary furniture. The combination of these two concepts in your penthouse design can increase impression warm and cozy atmosphere.

The selection of colors in this penthouse design needs to be considered. You can use the color of deep chocolate brown as the main color in each room. Contemporary impression will arise if you combine the brown color on the walls of the room with white furniture and accents in green in a certain space. Neutral colors can neutralize the color brown in contemporary penthouse design.

Penthouse design is designed with some special thrills. They are equipped with a modern bathroom, private rooms and a master bedroom. The living room design is uniquely designed. You can use the huge sectional sofas and a large dining table that you can combine into one large room. This proves that the living room and dining room can you combine into one room with a beautiful room divider. The room may be present pleasure and comfort for you and your guests.

Hallway at the penthouse design is designed with modern concepts with the use of bright colors on each corner of the room. So, it looks bright and modern.

On the penthouse floor, you can use a timber concept that seemingly natural contemporary impression. The concept is to use colors close to nature, such as chocolate. The wooden floor is equipped with a textured wall design on each side so as to create a luxurious taste.

In modern penthouse design, you choose the bedroom set with large beds and a bathroom equipped with circular luxury bathtub where the wall and the floor were covered by a ceramic mosaic.

Modern penthouse design uses a combination of natural and neutral to create your room a luxurious and contemporary. This design will create an unforgettable impression for those of you who are trying to build.